Hybrid Vehicles

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Thursday, 11 December 2008 17:14

Unlike any other vehicle, a hybrid vehicle utilizes two or more sources of power, consumed for its functioning. The term "Hybrid vehicle" is commonly referred to the HEVs (hybrid electric vehicles) that use both internal combustion engine and electric motors. Power sources used in these vehicles include coal, wood, solar power, liquefied of compressed natural gas, wind, compressed air, manually powered (human power like rowing), gasoline, hydrogen, diesel fuel or even rechargeable energy storage systems. Hybrid vehicle is a solution that was a result of abnormal hike in fuel prices as these vehicles yield better mileage. Vehicle manufacturers have started working on manufacturing more hybrid cars than the usual ones.

Not only an advantage when it comes to fuel consumption, but hybrid vehicles also have advanced technologies to enhance their performance. Unlike fuel vehicles, hydrid vehicles have an automatic start/shut off option, wherein the engine shuts down by itself when the vehicle comes to a stop and starts again after accelerating. Energy used for idling is saved by this method. These vehicles also facilitate regenerative braking and electric motor assist (which adds extra power to the engine for a better drive). A typical example of hydrid vehicle is the mo-ped (also known as motorized pedal bike).

Hybrid vehicles consume lesser petroleum than conventional vehicles. Also, they give a better mileage than conventional vehicles. Hybrid car batteries are of two types, namely nickel metal hydride and lithium ion. Both these batteries are environment friendly than lead batteries (which is a major source of car battery). But, manufacturing these vehicles requires a high volume of raw materials, which is currently undergoing an impending shortage problem. Most of the raw materials required for manufacturing these vehicles are available only in China.


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