Hydrogen Fuel

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Wednesday, 03 December 2008 17:49

Hydrogen, an element known to every individual on this earth and used almost everywhere is the most abundant gas available in this universe. Hydrogen is always found to be mixed with other gases because it is lighter than air. Hydrogen combined with oxygen produces the most important source of living for animals and plants - "Water". The earth's crust also contains majority of hydrogen. It claims to be the only gas at normal temperature and pressure.

Since hydrogen is lighter than air and combines with other elements, it has to be separated from these elements (water, natural gas, biomass). The process of obtaining hydrogen from gas is called steam reforming and from water is called electrolysis. Evidence suggests that hydrogen can also be discovered from algae and bacteria.

Hydrogen fuel was used for the first time in space programs by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), to lift the space shuttle into orbit. Hydrogen batteries are called "fuel cells" and they are used to produce electricity. These cells are capable of providing electricity in remote locations without any power line. But reason why they're not extensively used is due to the fact that they're expensive to build. Their by-product is pure water, which can be used for drinking purposes. Mobile phones, laptops, military appliances use portable fuel cells to facilitate the provision of longer power.

The use of hydrogen fuels should be encouraged by giving people the necessary education about the same. The reason why hydrogen fuels should be used is because they don't pollute the environment and they are renewable sources and available in abundance. These fuels can give vehicles better mileage and since they are compact and lightweight, it is really safe. Hydrogen fuel can be used as an alternative to gasoline due to their flexibility (moving and storing).


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