Public Transportation
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Thursday, 11 December 2008 17:26

Keeping in mind the welfare of the public, transportation provided by a country's government has proved beneficial to all. These transport services are availed to the general public, especially for those who can't afford vehicles, or those who can't afford to hire a driver for long distance riding. Unlike the private transport services, public transportation is economical, while some of these transport services are available free of charge. Public transportation services are in the form of buses, trolleys, commuter trains, and subways. It is considered that public transport services are safer than those availed privately.

Water transport is the earliest means of public transport, anterior to this, people used to ride on animals. Later, ferries were used and then, the first even public transport introduced in city was the omnibus, in France. Mostly, public transport is a service rendered in urban areas due to the high population. Their major source of finance comes from the revenue by sale of tickets, advertisement and government subsidies. Tickets bought by passengers are checked either at the time of travel, or at before boarding the transport. Failure to show the proof of payment will result in payment of a an amount as fine, which depends on the distance of travel.

Public transportation service is accessible by all, the poor, the old, the young, and people who suffer physical inabilities. Also, it contributes to the economy of the country, with more revenue produced which can be used for further developing a country. They also have a positive impact on real estate prices. Commercial business develops due to increased business opportunities. Moreover, they contribute to a safer environment.

Conclusively, public transport services is provided not for making profits, but for the welfare of the people through reduced ticket tariffs and a safer journey. It also contributes to the development of a country.


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