Electric Vehicles

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Thursday, 11 December 2008 17:08

Electric vehicles are vehicles that run on electricity, by means of chemical energy stored in batteries (Battery Electric Vehicle), or static energy stored on electric double-layer capacitors, or kinetic energy (flywheels). The other sources of energy which may be used in these vehicles include renewable sources such as solar energy, or diesel engine, or fuel cells. They also make use of nuclear energy (example is aircraft carrier). Thomas Davenport is the first man to build an electric motor.

These vehicles include electric trains, scooters, buses, and even aircraft. But, their usage is being encouraged because their mechanism is very simple. They are environment friendly as they don't pollute the atmosphere. They have high energy conversion efficiency. Electric vehicles have less vibration and noise pollution as compared to other types of vehicles. Mileage is another factor that gives electric vehicles a rating above fuel vehicles.

Electric vehicles also have some disadvantages. These vehicles can travel only a limited range as the batteries emit low density of energy. These vehicles also take long recharge times as compared to the fuel vehicles. Many places (especially USA) have most of their electricity generated from fossil fuels, this is one of the major disadvantages of electric vehicles.

The reason why use of electric vehicles are to be encouraged is because they help in stopping of slowing the rate of global warming which the fuel vehicles divest. All major car makers are now developing electric vehicles. Some of these companies include Toyota Motor Corporation, VW, GM, and Mitsubishi Corporation.

Thus, the use of electric vehicles can ensure safety of our environment and future generations, as they are comparatively economical, environment friendly and have a majority of advantages over fuel combustion vehicles. It can help stop (or slow down) the process of global warming, which is becoming a noteworthy issue.

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