Hydro Power

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Thursday, 11 December 2008 17:18

Hydro power is the oldest source of electricity production which dates back even before the invention and far-flung accessibility of commercial electric power. Anterior to the commercial electric power, hydro power was used for irrigation purposes, textile machines, watermills, dock cranes, sawmills and domestic lifts. Hydro power is the power produced from the force of flowing water and thus the name "hydro power". For deriving electricity at a distance away from water, trompes are used, which produces compressed air from falling water. Since water is a natural source available in abundance, hydro power is a renewable source of energy.

Waterwheels (used to power mills and machines), Tidal power (generation of electricity from tides), Wave power (electricity production from waves), Tidal stream power (generation of electricity from tides vertically), hydro electricity, and vortex power (generation of electricity by tapping vortexes) are some of the broadly used means of hydro power. Many countries still produce electricity from water as a measure to keep the environment clean.

Hydro power process starts with the water cycle, where solar energy causes the water on surface to evaporate due to heat. Then, the evaporated water condenses into clouds and falls back onto the surface. The precipitated water flows through rivers, oceans and other streams where the water cycle starts again. Initially, mechanical energy is derived from the flowing surface water, which flows through a pipe to turbines that rotate when due to the force of flowing water. This produces electricity and the flowing water is accumulated reservoirs created by dams and released when electricity is required.

Hydro water is an efficient source of energy as it takes little water to produce electricity. It is a reliable and cost effective solution for energy generation. It can be easily integrated with local power grid and acts as an important source of energy generation for developing countries. Moreover, it is environment friendly and a renewable source of energy. Thus, we should take efforts and encourage the use of hydro power for a safe and pollution free environment.


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